Sunday, 24 June 2012

Steering Gear

bulletSwitch alarm system for steering gear to inhibit ship's alarm.

bulletEnsure Port & Stbd. Steering gear compartments are secure for sea. Port & Stbd.

bulletCheck oil level in all four service tanks

bulletTake note and investigate any oil leakage from previous operations. Repair if time permits, if not log in defect log for repair during quiet hours.

bulletSwitch servo control from "remote" to "local".

bulletStart one pump at a time observing pump pressures, look for any oil leaks and check for noise or abnormalities.

bulletTest the jog steering control (hard over to hard over) and compare Rudder angle indicator against the quadrant on the rotary vane unit.

bulletPort Stbd.

bulletTest the servo control push buttons to ensure correct operation. Port Stbd.

bulletContact the wheelhouse, have wheelhouse test and time all methods of steering (wheel, port lever, stbd. lever, and non-follow up steering, hard overs). Ensure that unit responds to all commands. Note any discrepancies between wheelhouse rudder angle indicator and the quadrant on the vane units. Small discrepancies should be noted for attention during the quiet periods. Check for gyro accuracy.

bulletDuring summer months ensure vent pipes are open and one ventilation fan is running.

bulletEnsure watertight door to steering flats is closed.

bulletSwitch alarm system for steering gear to alarm position (control room alarm).

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