Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Engine Seating

Engine Seating
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Flat Bed Plate

There are transverse plate floors at each frame. The thickness of the engine seating is governed by the power, weight,and length of th eunit

Small Drop-raised Seat

Large Drop-raised seat

Historically the engine bolts at the after end of the engine were fitted bolts to take the shear of the thrust and the more for'd bolts were loose fit bolts allowing for expansion.
This method has proved unreliable and the more modern practice is to weld lugs on the bedplate and have brackets and fitted chocks

Bedplate location

The holding down arrangement should be arranged to be above any bilge water level to allow for easy access and inspection

Engine Mounting for seperate thrust block

Where the thrust is taken in the gearbox casing it is necessary then to have the mounts for the casing as close as possible to the centreline of the shaft so as to ensure little or no bending moment on the casing. The mountings should be suitably extended in a similar fashion to the thrust block arrangement shown above

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