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Starting Air Regulations

Air starting system
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First start requirements

Equipment for starting the main and auxiliary engines is to be provided so that the necessary initial charge of starting air or initial electric power can be developed on board ship without external aid. If for this purpose an emergency air compressor or electric generator is required, these units are to be power driven by hand starting oil engine or steam engine, except in the case of small installations where a hand operated compressor of approved capacity may be accepted. Alternatively, other devices of approved type may be accepted as a means of providing the initial start

Air Compressor requirements

Air Compressor number and capacities

Two or more air compressors are to be fitted having a total capacity, together with a topping-up compressor where fitted, capable of charging the air receivers within 1 hour from atmospheric pressure, to the pressure sufficient for the number of starts require At least one of the air compressors is to be independent of the main propulsion unit and the capacity of the main air compressors is to be approximately equally divided between them. The capacity of an emergency compressor which may be installed to satisfy the requirements of first start is to be ignored.

Maximum discharge air temperature

The compressors are to be so designed that the temperature of the air discharged to the starting air receivers will not substantially exceed 93'C in service. A small fusible plug or an alarm device operating at 121АC is to be provided on each compressor to give warning of excessive air temperature. The emergency air compressor is excepted from these requirements.

Safety Valves

Each compressor is to be fitted with a safety valve so proportioned and adjusted that the accumulation with the outlet valve closed will not exceed 10 per cent of the maximum working pressure. The casings of the cooling water spaces are to be fitted with a safety valve or bursting disc so that ample relief will be provided in the event of the bursting of an air cooler tube. It is recommended that compressors be cooled by fresh water.

Air Receiver requirements

Air Receiver capacity

Where the main engine is arranged for air starting the total air receiver capacity is to be sufficient to provide without replenishment, not less than 12 consecutive starts of the main engine, alternating between ahead and astern if of the reversible type and not less than six consecutive starts if of the non-reversible type. At least two air receivers of approximately equal capacity are to be provided. For scantlings and fittings of air receivers For multi-engine installations, the number of starts required for each engine will be specially considered.

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