Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Molybdenum DiSulphide

Molybdenum DiSulphide
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MoS2 is extracted from small veins in granite by crushing and flotation. In its purified state it has a low coefficient of friction, resists heat, oxidation, common solvents , and chemicals and can be used under extreme pressures. It shears readily and bond with ordinary engineering materials and plastics. Due to high cost it is not seen as a replacement lubricant but offers a solution to difficult problems.
Molybdenised lubricants exist with combinations of MoS2 and oils, greases, water, soap, solvents, silicones, and other fluids.
MoS2 is in the form of a laminar structure with a slice of molybdenum atoms being held between to slices of Sulphur atoms. The low coefficient of friction is due to the ease of shear between adjacent Sulphur slices.
MoS2 has a melting point of 1185oC
Care should be taken with the use of this product in relation to tightening torques. Manufacturers may be quote figures under the assumption that lubrication of the nut is by light mineral oil only. Alternately they may give different torques for Light oil, copaslip and molykote.

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