Thursday, 24 May 2012

Single Cylinder plants

These are usually found on short run ships such as passenger ferries although there present day use is very restricted
< for="" vessels="" on="" short="" runs="" a="" turbine="" installation="" is="" required="" able="" to="" cope="" with="" wide="" and="" rapid="" variation="" in="" loads="" therefore="" temperature="" conditions.="" this="" designs="" warming="" through="" time="" benficial="" the="" ships="" operation. For this design criteria the Single Cylincer Double Casing turbine was developed

    Advantages of using A single cylinder
    • Lower first cost
    • Easy to inspect and maintain
    • No cross over pipes to give heavy side thrust
    • Short warming through time, rapid shut down time
    • Rapid manouevring
    • Single setting gland control ( glands are operating subatmospheric all times)
    Advantages of using A double casing
    • As the glands operate on the low pressure side of the turbine they may be of simplified and shortened design
    • The outer casing temperature is only slightly above engine room temperature simplifying lagging requirements.
    • The outer casing may be fabricated from mild steel
    • Radiation losses reduced at full power
    • Smaller temperature gradients reduce the possibility of distortion
    • All expansion/contraction and side thrust is absorbed by the inner/other casing interface reducing the possibility of misalignement to the gearing


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